WRAPTURE 40 Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine


  • Top side sealing system with no trim or film waste
  • High speed automation with continuous-motion packaging system
  • Non-stop packaging operation by synchronized bi-axial seal bar movement
  • Easy to integrate with the production lines by takeover conveyors
  • Minimum film consumption for economic packaging solution


  • Encoder controlled length adjustments for speed change synchronizations
  • Film bind package transport via pressurised top belt principle
  • Touch intron panel with moor screen
  • Packaging advantage without length limit
  • 2nd -film roll nesting with a pneumatic shaft
  • Easy format changeover between product sizes
  •  An automatic film transport system with tension control
  • PLC and optic sensor controlled package distant;e control


  • Ability to utilize single layer film with an accurate width
  • New languages can be added to the operator Panel
  • Rims with Hat film which is an advantage of longer film


  • Center seal adjustment for the cross sealer
  • High precision with cross seal
  • Hot knife continuous sealing is controlled with PID software
  • Customized sensitive top sealing without t)leaking the film


  • Register printed film control
  • Automatic film splicing system
  • Ability to control external conveyors via main operator panel
  • Electrostatic sealing for mutinous sealing
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